Bringing Home the Backyard Chickens

So we decided to buy 4 chickens, for fresh eggs, from a local farm and garden store.  Well, they are chicks still, not yet hens.

They will be kept as backyard chickens in a home built chicken coop tractor.  We bought 2 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Black Australorps.

We chose these breeds because Australorps are known to be peaceful, cold hardy, dependable egg layers.  The Rhode Island Reds are very hardy, well rounded birds great for meat and eggs.  They are also extremely cold hardy birds, which will help to get them through the winter.

Since the chicks are only 5 days old, we have to keep them inside until they get their feathers.  They are in a tote with a feeder, dish of water, some bedding on the bottom, and a heat lamp for light and heat.

This is the first time I have ever had a pet that can provide a source of fresh food.  I can’t wait until they are full grown laying hens. Fresh eggs, yummm!